August 2022 Devotional

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August 13, 2022


The prophetic messages of the O.T. kept alive the hopes of a nation-people always looking for their Messiah. This month introduces us to the new covenant established by Christ amongst a people who would become His Kingdom Citizens trained and released to disciple nations and evangelize peoples. 

As we tackle this month’s readings let us focus on the significance of the Kingdom as applied to our own life. Mark’s account was the first written, presenting the Messiah as the Suffering Servant who establishes the Kingdom within the heart of man and expelling evil spirits from among the people. 

Matthew wrote primarily to a Jewish audience revealing the Messiah as the fulfilment of the O.T promises. He presents Christ interpreting the Law from a spiritual perspective, challenging the people to a new life-style of righteousness adhering to the culture of the Kingdom of God. 

The Lukan narrative written after much research, is addressed to the non-Jewish community. He recounts the supernatural birth of Christ and His disciplined upbringing under the care of His parents.  

This devotional exercise is for your own personal self-assessment, self-effacement, self-affirmation, self-determination, and Kingdom application. As you meditate on the word, seek to apply it personally and practically to your daily life and to your vocational pursuits and ministerial witness. Keep your Journal and share your reflections and testimony with others. 

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Prepared by
Bishop CB Peter Morgan
(August 1st – September 3rd, 2022)

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