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January 8, 2024


(December 19, 2023)

“This is a year of intentional faith//intentionality. Not a year of passive faith, waiting for the supernatural. This is the “As you go, you will be healed” type of year. This will be a time of famine for those without relationship and faithfulness in The Kingdom, and a year of feasting for those who see The Lord Who Supplies as their Only Sustenance and Supply. This is not for the weak in faith. So increase in faith by hearing The Word of The Lord. Be intentional in your time of prayer, Writing your prayers and Agendizing your intercession and warfare. Do not be caught off guard by the sudden calamities around the world, know that I am with the faithful. I am with those who are called. I am with those who call upon my name, For your salvation is nearer than when you first believed. There is an increase prepared for those who will seek my face and require of me as their vital necessity. I am with you to prosper you and protect you on all sides. Complete debt freedom is yours Son. Accept it and Walk In It!”

This Year, Harvest, We Will be Intentional About:

  1. Prayer – Coming Back to the place where we put a value on Corporate Prayer
  2. The Lost – Those without Jesus in Their Lives
  3. The Broken – The Poor, Widowed, Orphaned, Imprisoned
  4. Holiness– In a world that is so easily accessible we MUST be people of Distinction!
  5. Generosity – We will be a generous people and a generous Church
  6. Our Faith – Growing in Faith, Sharing and Defending Our Faith, and Living By Faith
  7. Praise & Worship – Making it a point to be intentional about praising, worshipping, and thanking our Father every day
  8. Expectation – We will be INTENTIONAL about Expecting God to show up and meet us!

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