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The focus on Kingdom Manifestation over this year is to bring transformation to your personal environment.  I identify FOUR STEPS in the joint involvement of you and your covenant brethren.  Step 1. Inject VISIONARY HOPE into your target group. The victim of oppression needs to be inspired with the prophetic declaration that the answer is […]

October 2022 Devotional

Every new move of God is preceded by a season of prayer and fasting, and that is our focus for this month. It is interesting to note that prayer was established as a means of communication with God only after sin separated man from His presence. Intercessors bridge the gap between heaven and earth. They  […]

October 2022 Devotional

September 2022 Devotional

September to many is the beginning of things new. It is the new year in the Jewish calendar, and tradition claims it is the time of the creation of man and also of the world. For me personally, it was the month of my birth, and interestingly the beginning of the “Prayer Breakfast” in Jamaica […]

August 2022 Devotional

The prophetic messages of the O.T. kept alive the hopes of a nation-people always looking for their Messiah. This month introduces us to the new covenant established by Christ amongst a people who would become His Kingdom Citizens trained and released to disciple nations and evangelize peoples.  As we tackle this month’s readings let us […]

The Prayer Room

Join us in the PRAYER Room on Wednesdays at 530pm PST for corporate prayer and devotion!Click Below To Come In The Room: This is The Prayer Room, Where Everything Changes! Harvest International BreaHarvest International is a multicultural, multi generational, multi socioeconomic church in Brea that goes beyond the walls to be and share the light […]

March Kingdom Devotional

Why does it take so long for God to save a nation? Why does it take so long for a people to cry out to God? The nation-state is not always faithful to its nation-people. They use them then abuse them, tolerate them then exploit them: politically, economically, socially, and culturally. The people go through […]

March Kingdom Devotional
God Says I Am…

God Says I Am…

I am fearfully and wonderfully made! Psalm 139:13-18 – I will praise You, for [b]I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well. I am created by God for a purpose and on purpose Jeremiah 1:5 – ““Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you;I ordained you a […]

December Devotional

December anticipates the celebration of the birth of Jesus the Messiah. This month the Birth will be memorialized against the glorious revelation of the end times, the final victory of the saints over the son of perdition and the ushering in of the New Heavens and the New Earth.  The picture of the reigning Lamb […]

October Devotional

The Nation of Israel was established by God to be an example nation to the nations of the world. In fact, Abraham was called by God to be the father of nations.  Israel did become the envy of the nations during the David-Solomon era, but when they fell from grace and became victims of the […]