May 2024 Devotional

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May 3, 2024


Central to establishing a people into a socially functional community, is the establishment of the systems, structures and
management which governs them, and which enables them to live cohesively and productively.

The Book of Deuteronomy is known as the Book of the Law. It is commonly assumed that the Laws and Statutes were designed to protect us in our rights against others. But it must rather be understood as the principles and policies designed to protect the rights of
others from the selfish and self-serving pride of us as individuals. Careful instructions are given to every citizen to live
conscious of the well-being of their neighbors. The Lord has delivered them from oppression, covenanted Himself to
protect and use them as an example nation to the nations of the world.

When Jesus came, He taught the people to appreciate the discipline of the Law. But in a newly initiated covenant, He
teaches them not to live by the letter of the Law, but to be motivated rather by a more positive drive to love one another
and through this to fulfill all the Law and the Prophets. This is the essence of what is often referred to as the “The sermon
of the Mount”.

This meditational exercise is for your own personal self-assessment, self which gives new hope and -effacement, self-
affirmation, self-determination, and Kingdom application. As you meditate on the Word, seek to apply it personally and
practically to your daily life and to your vocational pursuits and ministerial witness. Contribute to your Journal and share
your reflections and testimony in the personal Blog.

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