November 2023 Devotional

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October 30, 2023


We continue to focus on men and women who made a difference in their time, in such a manner that they gain mention in the stories of the Old and New Testaments.  It is a good opportunity to consider what stood out in their lives and how we may compare ourselves to them in our relationship to God and to our families or people. 

Daniel and his cohorts stand out for their courage and were promoted in the secular court of their day. Of significance also are Hannah, and the Woman of Wisdom and the Woman of Virtue mentioned in the Book of proverbs. In the New Testament we highlight Mary and Elizabeth, as well as those mentioned supporting the ministry of Jesus. We close with two interesting examples, one of importunity and also one of deceit.

In the many stories today of men and women who have lessons to teach us, I wonder if your story would ever make interesting reading? I trust that this month’s devotionals will inspire you to upgrade your own personal testimony to the honor and glory of God. 

This meditational exercise is for your own personal self-assessment, self-effacement, self-affirmation, self-determination, and Kingdom application. As you meditate on the Word, seek to apply it personally and practically to your daily life and to your vocational pursuits and ministerial witness. Contribute to your Journal and share your reflections and testimony in the personal Blog.

To get the FULL benefit from this devotional, be sure to download the Devotional Approach To Building Your Relationship With God to ensure that your time with God is as thorough as possible! Use it as a daily guide to navigate you through your devotional process with God!!!

Devotional Schedule:


October 1st
October 2nd
October 3rd
November 1st Nehemiah 5:1-19November 2nd Nehemiah 8:1-12November 3rd Nehemiah 12:27-43November 4th Review
November 5th
November 6th Daniel 8:1-21November 7th Daniel 2:14-23November 8th Daniel 2:36-49November 9th Daniel 3:8-18November10th 
Daniel 3:19-30
November 12th
Daniel 6:1-17
November14th Daniel 6:18-26November15th   Daniel 9:1-19November16th     Daniel 9:20-27November 17th  Daniel 12:1-13November 18th
November 19th
November 20th
1Samuel 1:1-20
 November 21st  Proverbs 8:1-21November 22nd Proverbs 31:10-31November 23rd        Luke 1:38-45November 24th Luke 1:46-56November25th
November 26th
November 27th John 4:1-30November28th
Luke 7:36-50
November 29th Luke 8:1-3; Luke 27:55-61November 30th Luke 18:1-18
December 1st Acts 5:1-11December2nd

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