January 2024 Devotional

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January 15, 2024


New beginnings are often exciting especially when there is the expectation of a glorious end. That is what we all hope for when we make our new year’s resolution. But the only guarantee of this is when it comes as part of a  Kingdom promise. With the closing out of 2023 as the Year of New Beginnings, the Lord has indicated that 2024 is a Year of Celebrative Praise, for the best is yet to come. 

Jesus stated that what the Father is looking for are “true worshipers who worship Him in Spirit and in truth.” (Jn.4:23). Now the climax of worship is not in the singing and dancing and instrumental playing of music. True worship is in the obedience of the worshipper in sharing Him with others to win them for the Kingdom. If worship does not result in obedience to the one worshipped, then your worship is unto yourself which is idolatrous.

In this month’s meditations we will notice that beginnings are not always joyful. In fact they often occur in the midst of much trial and tastings, threats, hardships and discouragements. But if your faith is in Jesus, you can begin with thanksgiving and praise because you know that “He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.” (Phil.1:6)

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January 1st  Psalm 67:1-7January 2nd  Genesis 8:15-22January 3rd  Genesis 9:1-17January 4th  Genesis 11:1-9January 5th  Psalm 8:1-9January 6th Review
January 7th ResetJanuary 8th  Genesis 12:1-9January 9th  Genesis 13:1-18January 10th  Genesis 15:1-20January 11th  Genesis 17:1-14January 12th  Genesis 17: 15-27January 13th Review
January 14th  ResetJanuary 15th  Exodus 3:1-15January 16th    Exodus 6:1-13January 17th  Exodus 12:1-14January 18th  Exodus 14:1-14January 19th  Exodus 14:15-31January 20th Review
January 21st ResetJanuary 22nd  Exodus 15:1-18     January 23rd    Joshua 1:1-9January 24th  Joshua 1:10-18January 25th  Joshua 3:1-17January 26th  Joshua 6:1-21January 27th Review
January 28th ResetJanuary 29th  Judges 5:1-18January 30th  Judges 5:19-31January 31st. 1Samuel 1:1-11February 1st  1Samuel 2:1-11
February 2nd  Psalm 3:1-8February 3rd Review

Prepared by
Bishop CB Peter Morgan

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