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November 2, 2022


The focus on Kingdom Manifestation over this year is to bring transformation to your personal environment.  I identify FOUR STEPS in the joint involvement of you and your covenant brethren. 

Step 1. Inject VISIONARY HOPE into your target group. The victim of oppression needs to be inspired with the prophetic declaration that the answer is here as Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is come”. 

Step 2. Create a conscious OPTIMISTIC MINDSET awakening the confidence that “The Kingdom is in you!” Fear must be replaced with faith that they are “more than conquerors through Christ”.

Step 3. NEW PROGRAMS can be designed with ethical socio-cultural values for economic and other productive benefits. These are governed by the law of Love and of Justice to the benefit of all. 

Step 4. Initiate COMMUNITY JUDICIAL MEDIATION for equity and favorable results for the common good in solving domestic and civil disputes. It produces a win-win result among neighbors. 

This devotional exercise is for your own personal self-assessment, self-effacement, self-affirmation, self-determination, and Kingdom application. As you meditate on the word, seek to apply it personally and practically to your daily life and to your vocational pursuits and ministerial witness. Keep your Journal and share your reflections and testimony with others. 

To get the FULL benefit from this devotional, be sure to download the Devotional Approach To Building Your Relationship With God to ensure that your time with God is as thorough as possible! Use it as a daily guide to navigate you through your devotional process with God!!!

Prepared by
Bishop CB Peter Morgan

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