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December 2, 2019


This Schedule recaptures the significance of the coming of Christ into the world.  The first week presents the prophetic anticipation and purpose of His advent. His coming was called “the Day of the Lord”.

The second week captures actual details of His birth with reference to the OT prophecies. It also includes the Apostle John’s theological summary of the significance of the coming of Jesus and His presentation to the world by John the Baptist.  In the third and fourth weeks Luke’s detailed account highlights the historic significance of the births of both John the Baptist and his cousin Jesus.

Hopefully, this reflection will enlighten you and inspire your appreciation of the birth of Christ especially as you join with family and friends in what is the most widely celebrated event across the globe.

More specifically, this devotional exercise is designed to guide you through a personal experience of self assessment, self effacement and self affirmation. It is a call to a life of disciplined obedience to His Word.  Concentrate on selected verses as you read the scheduled section for each day. Then meditate on their significance to your faith, and the importance of applying it personally and practically to your daily life.



Prepared by CB Peter Morgan

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