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January 1, 2020


The year 2020 has been declared THE YEAR OF THE NATION. My New Year Resolution is to see fulfilled the Prayer of Jesus “Your Kingdom Come. Your Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” This is His prayer for the Nations.

When God Created the Heavens and the Earth, He established three significant environments, the AIR the SEA and the LAND. These would contain all the resources necessary for the sustenance of His world. Then He made Man in His Image and Likeness to exercise dominion over all His creation to maintain the Glory of HIs Presence in all the world. Through Man the whole world would be populated beginning with the first family and extending beyond Eden, “the spot of God’s delight” to cover the entire world of Nations under the Sovereign reign of God.

In this month we will begin to explore the origin of Nations, its nature and its purpose from the perspective of God.

Because of sin, nations have come under the judgement of God throughout history and therefore seen their demise.  Always bear in mind that we will never comprehend God’s creation and appreciate it until we have come to Know God and to honor Him for who He is.

Regardless of the Theme for the month, the devotional exercise is designed to guide you through a personal experience of self assessment, self effacement and self affirmation. Concentrate on selected verses as you read the scheduled passage for each day. Then meditate on its significance to your faith, and the importance of applying it personally and practically to your daily life. Keep a personal journal of daily reflections which you may share with others at the end of the week.

Begin your spiritual journey with Thanksgiving and Praise unto the Lord. This will position you into a place of intimacy with the Lord. You will be able to access Him, to find Rest in His Presence and to gaze upon His Beauty. Of course it will take you through the process of consecration, cleansing and commitment with the wisdom, strength and anointing for the service to which you have been called. To get maximum benefit I recommend the following:

  1. Separate yourself in a quiet place to spend at least 50 minutes each morning.
  2. Begin with reading aloud the eight Praise passages presented on the separate sheet, and be absorbed by them.
  3. Spend a few minutes praying in the Spirit.
  4. Read the passage assigned for the day.
  5. Remember to study one verse a day, and keep a personal daily journal
  6. Do a special weekly summary review / reflection each Saturday.
  7. Sundays are open to do as you will but to prepare yourself for the coming week’s exercise.

Although 50 minutes is suggested, you may determine a comfortable and convenient length of time for each day’s meditation.  The important thing is to be disciplined and consistent. Each day is important, but remember, it is the cumulative effect which will make the difference.

The Saturday Review Session

On Saturdays take a longer time of retreat (one to one and a half hour) in order to reflect on the experience of the entire week. These thoughts must be recorded with the view of your response to the questions below reflecting your week’s journey.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What have I learned this week?
  2. What scriptures have meant most to me, and why?
  3. What has God said to me about myself?
  4. What changes have been demanded of me?
  5. What am I prepared to do about them?
  6. What reassurances have I received about myself?
  7. What questions still linger in my mind?
  8. How would I rate my journey this week (1-10), and why?
  9. Am I prepared to continue?

What else do I wish to add to the above?


Recite the following Passages with reflective thanksgiving and praise. Follow it with praying in the Spirit and with the understanding. Ten minutes first thing in the morning in this exercise will set you on a clear path for the rest of the day! If you’d like to sing even more, there are additional songs of praise here.


Prepared by CB Peter Morgan

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