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November 4, 2019


The key to success in the devotional life is to fall in love with the WORD. Loving the WORD comes from valuing it, experiencing it and personalizing it from the inside out. This schedule is designed to have the Word do its own “number” on you.

Psalm 119 may be referred to as the Ode to the Word. It is inspirational, corrective, instructive, and prophetic. You may memorize portions, analyze whole sections or simply read it poetically. It has a power resident within it that will definitely impact you.

Concentrate on selected verses as you read the scheduled section for each day. Then meditate on the significance of your faith, and the importance of applying it personally and practically to your daily life. Ask yourself what is the Word saying about itself. What is the Psalmist saying about the Word? What do you say about it?

Allow this month’s meditation to guide you through a personal experience of self assessment, self effacement and self affirmation. It will assist you to deal with personal feelings of guilt, fear, anxiety, doubt and insecurity, and emerge with self confidence, self determination and purpose in the Lord. It is a call to a life of disciplined obedience to His Word. Remember to keep an active daily journal, and share your blessings with others. Enjoy!!!


Prepared by CB Peter Morgan

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